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IceWraps LLC is an online retailer selling cold and hot therapy products for medical and sports related conditions in the Health & Medical industries.The company established itself in 2004, marketing ice packs, specifically designed to fit the body for easier application for homecare results. The products are sold individually and in complete kits making them easy and accessible for travel.

The product lines include hot and cold therapy treatments for health ailments offering support, compression and pain containment of an injury or health condition. Best health value is being able to use the hot or cold therapies to soothe muscles and joint pain.  Best price value is the ability to reuse the therapy wraps over and over again. Online shoppers can take advantage of the cold packs for tendonitis, carpal tunnel, even tennis elbow, combined with the proper equipment if needed they can used in the privacy of your own home, on the road and during practice or the big game.  


IceWraps: What makes it different?

IceWraps provide a quick response solution to everyday aches and pains, offering a hot or cold wrap therapy that can be used at home, in the office or on the field. 

IceWraps vs. primary competitors (sites similar to IceWraps)

IceWraps is servicing a niche market for non-medical therapy treatments, calming the pain caused from daily activities and health disorders such as arthritis, injuries and post-operative recovery. Medical advocates have used hot and cold therapies as alternatives to prescriptions for headaches, hypothermia and hyperpyrexia. IceWraps' products are designed to fit the body where the concentration of hot or cold is needed for physical relief. The wraps are secured with hooks and loop closures, belts are also used to hold the wrap in place for full compression to the area. Being able to compress the area allows for speed in the reduction of swelling and can prevent stiffness after an injury. As with all health related treatments, a physician should be seen to ensure proper health concerns have been addressed.

Pro-Ice is an online store site selling branded cold therapy wraps designed to maintain a consistent temperature for compression use. They market to the athletic arena where recurrence due to stress or injury happens and requires therapy treatments for after surgical procedures. The products alleviate the pain associated with shoulder, knees, ankles and wrist.  As a direct seller, they appear to be one of IceWraps main competitors in the hot and cold wrap industry.

ActiveForever is a reseller and distributor of medical supplies and health equipment. They market to clientele looking for health merchandise from food supplements, skincare products and treatments for natural aging and physical injuries that may present health challenges for the individual. The company selects their products for distribution according to the customer’s health requirements and treatment demands, working closely with the medical industry’s users and practitioners focusing on homecare.

US Medical Supplies is also a distributor, selling a variety of medical supplies and mobility aids similar the hot and cold wraps being sold by IceWraps. The site’s focus is on the customer, who struggles with mobility due to health conditions or medical injuries.  The inventory contains over 12,000 products offered at discount prices for online shoppers, delivering anywhere in the USA. 

Pros and Cons

  • All four stores are involved in the health industry, particular the aftermarket of injuries or recurring health conditions due to sports or lifestyles. 
  • IceWraps is the only competitor concentrating specifically on the hot and cold therapies, ensuring precise technique and treatment to the area’s disorder.
  • IceWraps have selected to retain their direct marketing by engaging various marketing site which link back to their home page for online purchasing.  
  • IceWraps carrys the Pro-Ice brand merchandise, ActiveForever and US Medical Supplies stocked selected hot and cold treatment products.
  • Across the board with retailers in the industry IceWraps' prices are the best online for shoppers looking to purchase hot and cold therapy wraps.
IceWraps: Pricing & packages

Specific body products were selected for daily activity, industry sports and travel requirements for adults. Sizes do vary for children and adult; ranging in sized from small to X-large for the hot and cold wraps. The pricing displayed ranges from small/medium to adult sizes.

Back Pain

  • IceWraps is selling the lower back pain treatment - Ice or Hot Wrap by ProSeries priced at $37.00 and on sale for $36.99.
  • Amazon Marketplace is selling the wrap for $33.26.
  • eBay Marketplace is also selling the wrap for $39.99. 


  • IceWraps’ Cranial Cap for Migraines by Elasto-Gel fits small to medium sizes. The reviews state the cap has been successful at relieving the pain associated with migraine headaches. Priced regularly at $56.00 and on sale for $46.95.
  • Amazon Marketplace is selling the small size cap for $43.09.  
  • eBay Marketplace is also selling the small size for $41.49.  
  • US Medical Supplies has the cap in stock for $55.25. 
  • Recovery Elements is selling the cap for $46.99.

All Purpose Wrap

  • IceWraps stocks the all purpose, 9 x 24, Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Wrap for hot or cold use.  It retains the temperature for 20-30 minutes and can be heated or cooled repeatedly. Listed for $44.00 and on sale for $41.95.
  • Activeforever is selling a 10 x 20 knee wrap on sale for $44.83, regular price is $59.95.  
  • US Medical Supplies has a 6 x16 on sale for $49.12, regular price is $99.10.

Travel Kit

  • IceWraps’ Adult Pro Ice Pitchers Travel Kit keeps a constant 27 degrees for an hour. It’s reusable and ready for the field or the road. Inserts can lengthen the icing time for longer benefits is priced at $144.95 and on sale for $75.95.
  • Direct Sports is selling the Pro-Ice Pitchers Travel Kit for $74.99. 
  • Morley Athletic is also carrying the Pro-Ice Pitchers Travel Kit  for $84.95.
IceWraps: Product images & screenshots
IceWraps Coupons
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IceWraps: Customer reviews & comments

IceWraps Reviews

This is the second ice sleeve purchased and both have been outstanding. They are made of a more pliable material and also don't wear out. First sleeve going on second year in use. I have the extra large and large sleeves. My knee is maybe slightly larger than average male. I have a bad knee and ice 3-4 times a week after exercise. Can't say enough about this product. Also able to put on immediately after pulling from freezer. They don't burn the skin so to speak as harder plastics have. Especially great also in that they ice the entire knee, no need to do front and back as the sleeve just rolls on. Can't recommend these products enough!

Very quick delivery. These ice wraps are the best we have found. Wraps come with sleeve to protect your skin. Just slip on sleeve, then slip on wrap and easily roll into postion you need. Instantly you get the cold relief and it remains just as cold 30 minutes later. Will never go back to ice bags or bags of peas! Everyone should have at least one of these in their freezer ready to use.

Couldn't be happier with this ice therapy system. It works great and has great features! Purchased for our son's knee surgery, but I foresee many uses for it for the whole family!

I purchased this product for my husband who has just had rotator cuff surgery. I can truly say that this product has been of great help for his recovery time!! We had to rent a Game Ready system when he had a previous surgery and we weren't impressed with it at all. This system has put the more expensive system to shame in performance without the hassle of adding ice constantly to keep it cold. The staff helped me extensively when I called to place my order & delivery was superfast!!!! I am so glad that I found this site because your product are amazing!!

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